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The Nose Smells What the Eye Sees:


What if I say, employee hygiene is an indicator of the health of your business…?


Having a conversation with someone, especially a colleague on their hygiene is difficult.


Focus on hygiene is a hot topic in COVID stricken times. Restaurant businesses are offering contact less delivery etc. This is a customer-facing element, ideally clean practices should be developed and embraced in the entire chain of order processing.


Within a restaurant, every team meeting has a standing agenda item on employees’ personal hygiene, and most of the time this subject gets ignored. Think about it, having a conversation with someone on their hygiene is difficult, and there is very little one can do to cut the awkwardness. If you have not yet, well let me assure you it is bound to happen. Due to the uncomfortable nature of this discussion, managers tend to avoid this subject. Which might be the easy way out, but it most certainly is not the right one.


Restaurant businesses are built on the promise of cleanliness and only those thrive that manage to fulfil it.


An employee’s cleanliness (visual & smell), or lack thereof, has a lasting impact on the customer. It might even be the determining factor whether they choose to return to your location. No one would want to dine at a restaurant where the employees are serving smells rather than food with palatable aroma…


Simplex Go! Provides you with the means to avoid a situation like this from taking root in the first place. Our app is the perfect tool for a business to map their cleanliness and hygiene Standard Operating Process (SOP). Simplex Go! Is highly customizable which gives any business control over what aspects should be regulated and how to get this done. These can go beyond the scope of general hygiene to include COVID related special procedures, dress codes, general appearance, or uniformity of employees.  When an employee does not meet any prerequisite or fails to adhere to digitally published SOPs, Simplex Go! does alert and notify management and the employee itself, so undesirable conversations can be avoided without compromising on standards.


Simplex Go! is a digital coach to simplify the work-life of your teams and alerts the business on in-person coaching opportunity.


Simplex Go! is addressing the real-world business problems. Based on the confidence, we are offering try before you buy.

Talk to us, we will be happy to help.


Saqib Hussain

Founder & CEO of Simplex Technology Solutions

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