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Customer feedback, the real measure of business success


How your customers perceive your business?


Direct customer feedback is an invaluable asset for any business; without having true measure of the customer sentiments, only assumptions can be made about what a business might be doing right or not. Having a direct connection with customer in form of feedback gives an insight into how customers perceive your brand. It also highlights what is working and where are the opportunity areas; for example food tastes real nice but I wish staff had smile while serving. A rounded wow experience (either in person or online) is what separates a winning business from the rest.


How your customers perceive your business? A data driven business would get to the heart of the matter and address the opportunity area(s) rather stab in the dark. Customer focused businesses who gather feedback and take actions to improve upon are the ones setting their foundations on solid ground.


You can improve only what you measure…


The data collected assists the organization in making guided and timely decisions which can play a pivotal role in developing future strategies. These data-driven actions pave the path for consistent customer service at every point of engagement, which is the benchmark of a successful and modern business.


Put yourself in a customer shoes, you will realize how important good customer experience is for the brand loyalty. This loyalty can yield results in form of foot and finger traffic.


How to go about collecting the valuable feedback of customers?


SimpleX solution has been built on very foundation to facilitate businesses to improve upon their operational compliance and customer service. These are the key ingredients for the organic growth of a business. Having operational compliance and customer feedback on SimpleX platform gives you power to publish > evaluate > analyze > improve.


By use of SimpleX platform, a business can source feedback from customers (internal or external), from multiple channels (Instore, Online), and categorise it. Simplex can also integrate with other systems to source the feedback and present it to business in single console. When a business unit or store receives below par score a complaint gets logged in the Customer Care portal. This feedback driven compliant must be addressed by someone in the business.


All of this is presented on the dashboard and analytics for in depth analysis. We help businesses to identify the gaps, which to be bridged for sustainable business practices and growth.


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Saqib Hussain

Founder & CEO Simplex Technology Solutions

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