Internal AuditInternal Audit

Mature Internal Audit practices project the health of the business.

Real work challenges with internal audit process:

From Auditor perspective:

  • No structured framework to conduct internal audit
  • Complete audit in a spreadsheet, compile and report
  • No systemic assignment of the remediation action
  • Multi directional follow ups with different set of people
  • Open ended

From Auditee perspective:

  • Virtually impossible to keep track of remediation points
  • With regular day job, not practical to answer to different set of people for same question
  • Just tell me what needs done and I will do it

People who have gone through this drill know what I am talking about. Structured internal audit process has been opportunity area. There are some very expensive solutions out there, but they just cover audit points.

Having audit with operations excellence solution joins the dots and closes the gap of maker and checker. Having operations and audit data points within same system provide greater insight on compliance with operating standards.

Simplex GO! has Audit and Remediation module for the businesses to map the audit processes, conduct audit on a restaurant or internal department, assign remediation, and produce reports and dashboard. All in one location.

Using the Audit data, we can project the compliance posture of the organisation.


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Simplex can be your partner in the Audit maturity journey. We have platform that can facilitate to map the audit process, assign remediation, and have analytics for greater insights.


Talk to us, we’ll be happy to help.

Saqib Hussain

Founder & CEO Simplex Technology Solutions

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