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Let technology  be at your service…

Simplex GO! application has builtin workflow engine. This core product feature is a pivot, all the processes and routines can be pinned to the workflow engine.

All workflow linked processes will appear on their due time, configured by the business.

It is like conductor playing the well synchronised orchestra. This orchestra can have single to multiple pieces. Simple to complex…

Simplex GO! can match the need of your business, it can list and keep all the processes listed in the app for the 24 hour cycle, even if a process has not been submitted on due time. Successfully submitted process vanishes from the list.

It can also show process on pre-configured Start time and remove un-submitted process from the publication list for the day.

All in all, we have all the bases covered for a business:

  • To ensure timely publication of the process
  • Remind the person 30 minutes prior of process being due
  • Send escalation to the line manager if a critical process is missed
  • Report on the dashboard of the compliance status

We have a turn key solution for Retail / F&B industries. We are a cloud based business, this means quick to market and have holistic view of the compliance status of the business. Compliance with Standard Operating Procedures and brand standards.

Talk to us, this is the only thing we do. We’ll be happy to help.


Saqib Hussain

Founder & CEO Simplex Technology Solutions

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