Features of SimpleX

“A vantage point for business“

Simple & Single interface for business process digitized production and consumption

Simplex has simple and intuitive interface for admin and consumer alike. Help is at fingertip while using the system.
Agility and speed to deliver complete solution for the business
Wholistic view and timely visibility on the operational compliance of the business
Agility and speed to deliver complete solution for the business
Variety of reports to analyze operational workplaces, workflows, users audit etc. Reports can be exported to excel or CSV format.
Role based access across the system. Comprehensive system logging is available within system.
Define business standard processes, setup business control points, variety of data collection points
Mobile oriented solution. Mobility in every aspect of the system
Offline mode capability, system can operate for up to 7 days in offline mode
You don’t need to purchase another employee management system. We include a full-featured employee management service at no additional cost. Keep track of your employee’s time sheets, hours works, and overtime.
This is a much needed feature to remind your staff to complete specific tasks or duties, or at-least inform the staff members to complete there pending tasks.
Eliminate the yellow sticky notes for good. You can send an internal message to your staff directly using SIMPLEX banner management. Your team will be forced to see the message on the opening screen.
We pride ourselves in efficient customer support.
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