Target at RightTime

Target at right time

Targeting right group of customers at right time can lead you to get more revenue.


Real time business track

Real time business performance on your fingertips helps you make timely business decision.


Beat your business objectives

Meet and beat business objectives with detailed analysis of data.

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Take actions on real time data & insights

Real time insights are at your disposal to take actions based on business strategy to achieve goals and objectives.

Execute your strategy and see the results

Stay ahead in the game, get a complete picture of your business and Customers behavior. Use these analytics to make real-time tweak of the strategy i.e. menu adjustments.

Real time data insights
Customers spending behavior

Track customers’ buying pattern and spending behavior

Classify and target the customers with deals for better engagement and returns.

Optimize your loyalty program with the help of data

Develop and tweak loyalty program to retain customers.

Rank each store based on performance

System generated views to show the performance of a store against rest of the stores in the network.

Track Store performance
Increase revenue

Increase revenue & bottom line with the power of data

Generate incremental sales by targeting the relevant audience at the right time, adjust menu and product placement. Offer your customers best deals, discounts and offers depending on their activity history to Increase your bottom line.

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