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Improve relationship with your customers

Make every interaction unique and build meaningful loyal relationship with your customers

Identify your Customers

Classify your customers depending on their profiles

Keep your customers engaged

Keep your customers engaged with your business by giving them rewards and offers

Attract new customers

Everyone loves rewards. Your brand Loyalty will bring new customers to Your business.

Why simpleX loyalty porgams?

Love more, earn more.

Simplex loyalty program isn’t just about points, it’s about possibilities. It’s about celebrating your passions, fueling your ambitions, and rewarding yourself for living life to the fullest.

Increase Customers
Increase customer experience
Increase customer retention
loyalty programs
Personalized Loyalty

Personalized loyalty schemes

Set your own customized loyalty program to keep your customers attached/ engaged with your business.

Reward your customers for their loyalty

Personalize your rewards depending on each customer Profile and purchase history

Excite your customers with event based rewards

With the help of loyalty data, excite your customers on their birthday, new year etc. with wonderful gifts, reward and offer

reward your customers
Reward your Customers
expand your customers
Expand customers

Expand your customer base & revenue with discount/promo codes

Attract known and unknown customers by giving them a discount code. Helps your business to grow revenue

Increase return visits with discount/promo codes

Digital loyalty is consistent and helps you grow your return customers. Discounts, special offers – push notifications attract customers.

Subscribe loyalty points
make every visitor

Make every visitor your customer by giving subscription reward

Giving a discount on first order will help to grow customer base. Customers will refer your brand to their friends.

We Solve Real Problems

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Online ordering system

Online Ordering System

Is your restaurant stuck juggling phone calls, scribbling orders, and managing deliveries? Take control of the online ordering boom with our solution, the all-in-one solution built for success.

CRM Automation

CRM Automation

Running a restaurant is a rollercoaster. One minute you're basking in happy customers, the next you're scrambling to fill seats. Our CRM Automation is here to solve this problem.

Personalized loyalty

personalized Loyalty

Our personalized loyalty solution is like a Michelin-starred chef for your customer relationships. We help you craft experiences so bespoke, they'll feel like the star of the show. Enhance your customer relationship

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