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Wide your business reach and reduce your cost

Leverage a complete commerce platform with native marketplace and distributed order management capabilities built-in for rapid time to revenue.

Ecommerce Marketplace

Reduce your cost

Cut-off your additional expenses on building new stores.

Make yourself essential to your customers

Provide your customers everything they need through single kitchen.

Boost your business

Attract your customers by adding new high definition images of your menu in Simplex marketplace.

Why simpleX Ecommerce Marketplace

Business Growth

Offering endless possibilities for buyers and sellers alike. Join the thriving community and discover the convenience, variety, and economic benefits

Reduce startup cost
Business growth
Reduce marketing cost
customer base
Grow revenue

Widen your customer base & grow revenue

The simplex marketplace enables your brand easily reachable to a bigger range of customers. With attractive menu images, get more orders and increase your database with revenue.

Easy accessible to all your brands in single location

Add all your brands in single location to get people know your business and can easily approach your any domain through marketplace.

Easy accessible
Easy accessible to all brands
Customer experience
Give customers better experience

Give customers better experience for ordering

Simplex marketplace allow you to give your customers A wait free experience. Your customers can order online for take-away, dine in and curbside pickup.

Increase orders with food lover’s feedback

Feedback on food quality, delivery helps more customers in choosing your brand. Give quality food and be a part of marketplace today.

Customer experience
Customers feedback

We Solve Real Problems

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Online ordering system

Online Ordering System

Is your restaurant stuck juggling phone calls, scribbling orders, and managing deliveries? Take control of the online ordering boom with our solution, the all-in-one solution built for success.

CRM Automation

CRM Automation

Running a restaurant is a rollercoaster. One minute you're basking in happy customers, the next you're scrambling to fill seats. Our CRM Automation is here to solve this problem.

Personalized loyalty

personalized Loyalty

Our personalized loyalty solution is like a Michelin-starred chef for your customer relationships. We help you craft experiences so bespoke, they'll feel like the star of the show. Enhance your customer relationship

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