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CRM Automation

CRM Automation Takes Your Business to the Next Level

Stay engaged with your customers, streamline & automate customer profiling and brand engagement

CRM Automation

Customer engagement

Profile and target your customers with your brand messaging.

Brand awareness

Great tool at your disposal for brand awareness and to build brand equity.

Increased bottom-line

Convert registered customers and laggards into recurring customers by targeted messages.

Why simpleX CRM Automation?

Supercharge Your Sales Efforts

Simplex CRM: Your secret ingredient for a thriving restaurant. ️

Boost Efficiency
Increase sales
Boost ROI
customer behavior
Learn the spending of customers

Learn the engagement behavior of customers

Simplex CRM automation system allows you to learn how customers engage with your brand. Do they just register or transact as well, their spending behavior transactions cycles

Targeted messaging for profile groups

Rather blanket message broadcast to all your registered customers, tailor the message for a type of customer group for meaningful business engagement.

Targeted messages
Targeted messaging
Increase productivity
Automate your Promotions

Automate your promotions & Increase productivity

Marketing loves it. Our automated CRM solution helps the marketing team Segment customers, and create messages and schedules, thus freeing up time for marketing to focus on customer acquisition and growth plans.

Optimize sales funnel for better ROI

Actionable insights are the core functionality of CRM. Instrumental in sales process optimization that enables data-driven decision-making.

Optimize sales performance
Increase ROI

We Solve Real Problems

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Online ordering system

Online Ordering System

Is your restaurant stuck juggling phone calls, scribbling orders, and managing deliveries? Take control of the online ordering boom with our solution, the all-in-one solution built for success.

CRM Automation

CRM Automation

Running a restaurant is a rollercoaster. One minute you're basking in happy customers, the next you're scrambling to fill seats. Our CRM Automation is here to solve this problem.

Personalized loyalty

personalized Loyalty

Our personalized loyalty solution is like a Michelin-starred chef for your customer relationships. We help you craft experiences so bespoke, they'll feel like the star of the show. Enhance your customer relationship

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