operations management system

Map your staff’s entire business day, which they can follow

Digitize your in-store and field operational processes, and publish those through mobile and web apps.

Run smooth operations

Improve your compliance excellence With real time tracking of assignments

Improve business standards

Improve your business standards By completing all compliance tasks timely

Increase productivity

Scheduling the tasks helps your staff to improve their productivity

Why simpleX operations management system?

streamlined operations

Manage all aspects of your restaurant from a single system, including reservations, table management, ordering, and billing

improved cost control
reduce food wastage
Increased engagement
track performance
Assign & track your task

Assign & track your task to relevant concern

Say goodbye to the old fashioned manual working way of using paper. With simplex operations management system, assign tasks to relevant responsible members with importance with completion alert. Digitize your daily high priority audits. All audit scores are projected at all business levels.

Track & improve compliance

Bring your every store up to the standards of your business by real time tracking of each individual store Core tasks assignments.

improve compliance
Track & improve compliance
food audits
Digitalize your food audits

Digitalize your food audits

Removes all human errors and negelance by digitalizing Your food safety audits and critical limits helps you in daily, weekly And monthly audits

Manage & plan for your inventory

Our robust inventory management system helps the restaurants to know what and when to order. Know your stock levels and plan accordingly.

Inventory management
Manage & plan for your inventory

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Online ordering system

Online Ordering System

Is your restaurant stuck juggling phone calls, scribbling orders, and managing deliveries? Take control of the online ordering boom with our solution, the all-in-one solution built for success.

CRM Automation

CRM Automation

Running a restaurant is a rollercoaster. One minute you're basking in happy customers, the next you're scrambling to fill seats. Our CRM Automation is here to solve this problem.

Personalized loyalty

personalized Loyalty

Our personalized loyalty solution is like a Michelin-starred chef for your customer relationships. We help you craft experiences so bespoke, they'll feel like the star of the show. Enhance your customer relationship

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