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Order Management System

Process and deliver fresh food to your customers for better ROI

Manage your orders with SimpleX (OMS). Track time it takes at every stage of order lifecycle, received, in kitchen, ready for delivery, delivered.

Gain Better Clarity of your Accounts

Invoiced orders can be imported directly to your accounting software, providing better clarity between sales and accounts.

Save additional cost

OMS helps you to have visibility on operational Bottleneck and adjust, better utilize labor and available resources

Improve customers experience

Order status becomes available to the customer, this takes away anxiety of “where is my order”

Why simpleX order management system?

From click to ship, with ease

Simplex system is more than just an order management system. It’s your partner in creating seamless customer experiences and building a thriving business.

reduce cost
increase revenue
improved efficiency
Complete control on orders

Have complete control on orders

Kitchen and delivery teams work in harmony by use of Order Management system. Resulting in better business results and improved Customer satisfaction.

Increase your daily orders & revenue

Better managed kitchens open the bottlenecks, more Throughput means increased revenue.

increase orders
Increase your Daily orders
Improve delivery time
Improve your Delivery

Improve your delivery time & food quality

Deliver fresh and hot food on time. Efficient service put a big zero in the rejected orders column.

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Online ordering system

Online Ordering System

Is your restaurant stuck juggling phone calls, scribbling orders, and managing deliveries? Take control of the online ordering boom with our solution, the all-in-one solution built for success.

CRM Automation

CRM Automation

Running a restaurant is a rollercoaster. One minute you're basking in happy customers, the next you're scrambling to fill seats. Our CRM Automation is here to solve this problem.

Personalized loyalty

personalized Loyalty

Our personalized loyalty solution is like a Michelin-starred chef for your customer relationships. We help you craft experiences so bespoke, they'll feel like the star of the show. Enhance your customer relationship

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